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      • JUNE 2021

        Safe lending saved (for now)

        The laws that would remove safe lending protections are stuck in the Senate thanks to CHOICE supporters and not-for-profit allies persuading cross-bench Senators to protect consumers. 

      • JUNE 2021

        Super reforms to secure your future

        Super Consumers Australia helped the “Your Super, Your Future” reforms pass parliament. They’ll save an estimated $17.9 bn over 10 years by ending costly duplicate accounts, getting rid of poor-performing funds and making it easier for people to find better options via a new comparison tool.

      • MAY 2021

        Mosaic fined for selling dud sanitiser

        Last year a CHOICE member tipped us off to dodgy hand sanitiser being sold by Mosaic Brands. After our tests revealed the label was misleading, Mosaic was fined $630,000 for selling hand sanitiser without enough alcohol and will refund customers. 

      • april 2021

        Win for fair fire definitions 

        Thanks to community pressure, all major Australian home and contents insurers with previously bad definitions of fire have made or committed to making their definitions fairer.

      • april 2021

        QLD and ACT ban Dollarmites 

        Two new jurisdictions will end school marketing schemes like Dollarmites. Now it’s time for other states and territories to step up and end programs targeted at Australian kids.

      • March 2021

        Funeral company fined 

        Propel Funeral Partners was issued an infringement notice by the ACCC for making false and misleading claims about the "local and independent" ownership. The fine comes after CHOICE discovered instances of misinformation and poor transparency in the sector. 

      • MARCH 2021

        Hitachi customers awarded cash back

        When CHOICE lab tests found some Hitachi fridges used more energy than claimed, the regulator forced the company to hand customers back $174 to reflect the extra cost of using the product.

      • March 2021

        Better banking rules pass 

        The government passed more banking royal commission recommendation into law, requiring advisers to provide annual forward-looking statements to customers to prevent another fees-for-no-service scandal.

      • December 2020

        Mandatory standards for button batteries

        A huge step forward for our product safety campaign. New regulations for products containing button batteries will help reduce the serious risk that these small but dangerous items pose to young children.

      • November 2020

        Victoria bans bank marketing in schools

        The Victorian government announces it will end school marketing schemes like Dollarmites. Instead, students will participate in school-led programs designed to improve financial literacy. 

      • NOVEMBER 2020

        Clearer hand sanitiser labelling

        Thanks to pressure from over 26,000 CHOICE supporters, the government introduces new requirements for hand sanitiser labels, like including the percentage of alcohol on every bottle.

      • November 2020

        InvoCare Funerals displays national prices

        After a Shonky Award for failing to display upfront funeral prices, InvoCare (White Lady and Simplicity Funerals) publishes its price lists online for each state and territory.

      • September 2020

        Super funds agree to dump junk insurance

        Following pressure from Super Consumers, four funds agreed to remove or greatly reduce the impact of junk insurance.

      • July 2020

        Health insurers publish hardship policies

        Nib and Medibank publish their hardship arrangements after pressure from CHOICE, making it easier for you to understand what help you can receive.

      • July 2020

        Insurers pause junk cover in super until 2021

        Following ongoing pressure from Super Consumers, insurers promise not to rely on junk TPD terms that exclude people who are unemployed or working limited hours.

      • June 2020

        Strong mortgage broker rules released

        ASIC releases guidance to finalise new rules requiring brokers to act in the best interests of customers. It has no loopholes or "safe harbours", reflecting what CHOICE was calling for.

      • May 2020

        ACCC recalls unsafe folding trike

        Following the results of our rigorous product testing, the ACCC recalls the Q Play Rito Folding Trike for not complying with mandatory safety standards.

      • April 2020

        InvoCare Funerals drops dodgy fees

        Thanks to our tenacious investigative journalism, InvoCare permanently drops its unfair late administration fees.

      • April 2020

        NSW first to act on price gouging

        NSW commits to "name and shame" companies that put up prices on essentials during the pandemic – now we're pushing all states to do more

      • March 2020

        No pandemic exclusions in superannuation

        Super Consumers call on all funds to drop pandemic exclusions from insurance policies, and within a week all but one comply. The holdout follows a month later.

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